Online Reputation Audit

Experienced in knowing, exactly what it takes to build and protect your business reputation online with the help of specialist tools, tactics and best practices to conduct online reputation audits.


Understand What Your Company’s Online Reputation is?

Digipillars Conducts a Comprehensive Reputation Management Audit

Do you know what people say about your company online? I don’t think so. That’s where online reputation audit comes into play. Therefore, at Digipillars, we use online tools to identify and analyze the online conversations about you and your brand to exactly understand what your brand’s online reputation is. However, let’s first check out how reputation audit benefits your business.


Analyze Your Brand’s Image

The foremost important benefit that comes in with conducting an online reputation audit for your business is the ability to collect mentions about your business from all across the web whilst looking for some valuable insights from your customers.


Improve Customer Satisfaction

Did you know that 88% of people search online for any product and service they want to purchase online? So, it becomes important that you listen to the opinions your product reviewers express on the web and apply the relevant changes to boost your results.


Build Expert Position

There are times when your customers need to talk to expert but if you’re too busy doing other things, around you can miss the opportunity. So, with audit, you find the places where your customers need help online and give them instant support as an expert on the topic.


Find Loyal Customers

The online reputation audit, allows you to find people who already love your brand and then you can start to cooperate with them. So, with this process, you can build a community of brand advocates or loyal customers who will recommend your business online.

Keep Your Brand’s Reputation on Track

Our Online Reputation Audit Process